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10 Sustainable Cleaning Products for your Bathroom

Week 30

This week, I've been learning all about household cleaning products and how they impact the environment. Since bathroom cleaners typically get washed down the drain and into our waterways, I've decided they should be the first to go. While compiling this list of sustainable bathroom cleaners, I looked for low-waste packaging and naturally derived ingredients that wouldn't be harmful to my health or the environment.

I also highly recommend making some Toilet Cleaning Bombs to keep your toilet bowl fresh in between deep cleaning sessions!

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Meliora Gentle Cleaning Scrub

two paperboard containers of meliora brand household scrub cleaner

Meliora's Gentle Cleaning Scrub is a biodegradable, septic-safe powder perfect for bathroom and kitchen cleaning. It comes in a paperboard and steel container that can be separated and recycled. Choose between unscented and peppermint tea tree scent. All Meliora products are cruelty-free.

Price: $8.99 for a 12 oz container

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Blueland Bathroom Tablets

blueland brand glass spray bottle next to small cleaning tablets

Blueland Bathroom Tablets are an innovative solution to our waste problem. Simply add a tablet to 24 oz of water to make an effective spray cleaner. The tablets come in compostable paper wrappers and can be purchased on their website. Blueland cleaners are cruelty-free and made of natural ingredients.

Price: The starter kit includes a reusable glass spray bottle and 3 tablets for $16, while refill tablets start at $6 for a 3 pack.

Ethique Spray Concentrate

ethique brand bathroom clean box with concetrate bar and eucalyptus branch

Ethique's Spray Concentrate is made of 100% naturally derived ingredients and comes in compostable paper packaging. The concentrate comes in bar form and can be mixed with boiling water to make 12 oz of sprayable cleaning solution.

Price: $6 for one bar of concentrate.

Grove Collaborative Concentrate

grove collaborative brand glass spray  bottle with 4 small bottles of bathroom cleaner concentrate

Grove Collaborative's bathroom cleaner kit comes with a reusable glass spray bottle, 2 glass bottles of Tub and Tile concentrate, and 2 bottles of Daily Shower Spray concentrate. The concentrate is made using naturally derived ingredients and you can choose between two scents: orange and rosemary or lavender and thyme.

Price: You can purchase the bathroom cleaning kit on their website for $12.95. Grove Co. concentrates are also available at Target stores.

Branch Basics Concentrate

branch basics brand cleaners in glass spray bottles

Branch Basics offers one biodegradable concentrate for an array of cleaning needs. You simply alter the amount of concentrate depending on what you plan on cleaning. All Branch Basics products are cruelty-free.

Price: You can purchase a 32 oz bottle for $49 or a 2 oz trial bottle for $10 on their website.

Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner

seventh generation brand bathroom cleaner in metal tin

Seventh Generation's Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a biodegradable powder that comes in a reusable or recyclable metal tin. The powder is mineral and plant-derived, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Price: $10.49 for a 14 oz tin.

Castile Soap

bulk apothecary brand castile soap in small bottle, jug, and barrel

Castile Soap is a natural, vegetable oil based soap that makes for the mother of all multi-purpose cleaners. It can be used as body wash, pet shampoo, garden pesticide, and of course, bathroom cleaner. You can find castile soap online and in many grocery stores, but Bulk Apothecary has the lowest prices I've seen.

Price: $3.95 for a 16 oz bottle, $19.95 for one gallon, $74.95 for four gallons.

Distilled White Vinegar

gallon jug of white vinegar

White Vinegar, which you probably already have at home, is a very cheap and very effective cleaner for almost every surface in your home. It cuts through mildew, bacteria, and grime for a natural, environmentally friendly clean. If your pantry isn't already stocked with white vinegar, pick some up the next time your out grocery shopping.

Price: $3-4 for a gallon jug.

Baking Soda

arm and hammer brand baking soda

Baking soda is a natural, non-toxic product that makes a great, mildly abrasive scrub that dissolves organic compounds like dirt and grease. It can be used to disinfect, Simply sprinkle the baking soda on a damp surface and wipe or scrub with an old toothbrush.

Price: $1 for a 1lb box.

Citric Acid

bottle of citric acid powder

Citric Acid is an acid compound naturally found in fruits like lemon and pineapple. It kills bacteria, some fungi, and mildew, which makes it an excellent natural sanitizer and disinfectant. You can find citric acid at many grocery stores, often near the canning section. Or, just grab a few lemons and scrub away.

Price: $3-4 for a 7.5 oz jar.

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